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Plastic Business Cards, your new First Impression!
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Entrepreneurs and savvy business owners know the power of their first impression. It is what shapes your customers perception of you, and your product or service. By handing them a clear or frosted plastic business card you are beginning your relationship by impressing them. This gives you an immediate boost in credibility, and more importantly a boost over your competition.

Separate Yourself from your Competition

Many of us have desk drawers full of business cards that we refer to when we are looking for someone to provide us with a service or product we are seeking. By having impressive plastic business cards your company image is sure to rise above your competition. Compared to a standard business card our cards are a different shape, different thickness, and most importantly much more impressive. Plastic Business Cards feel valuable, and are not thrown away like traditional paper cards.

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Exceptional Quality, Industry Leading Service

We are happy to offer our customers industry leading quality, speed, and service. We do this by not outsourcing your cards to an overseas printer, and by using the finest materials available. While many printers are stamping foil on ridiculously thin overhead transparency style plastic we continue to use sturdy, credit card quality plastic cards. We believe, and our customers agree that this offers the best presentation, feel, and durability.

Why Plastic Business Cards Online?

  • Quality:

    We utilize the latest in production, graphics, and proofing technology to ensure your cards are printed correctly and accurately. Couple this with our experienced staff and you can be sure your Plastic Business Cards will look top notch, sure to impress your clients!

  • Expertise:

    We have been printing plastic business cards since 1996. We print plastic cards and that is all we do. Over the many years we have refined our processes and continue to set the standard in our industry.

  • Speed:

    Our cards are printed, designed, and finished in house. By not outsourcing your business card we not only provide you with a superior quality product, we also cut down your turn time significantly. Also if you have a question about the status of your order we can give you immediate answers.

  • Innovation:

    We continually work to raise the bar in our industry and are committed to better serving our customers. Plastic Business Cards brings innovation to the market through new materials, such as our Frosted Satin Plastic Cards, or our original Clear Plastic Cards. You will also notice this innovation on our website, and in our design work.

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Questions about Plastic Business Cards?

If you can't find answers on our website, or just need a quick answer give our knowledgeable staff a call at 1.800.808.7472. We'd love to talk to you!


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